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Best Girlfriend Zodiac SignsWhat’s the Best Girlfriend Zodiac Sign? Trying to find that right someone? Well in this post you can find the best and worst girlfriends according to their zodiac signs. Listen, look out for number 12, just saying.

No two relationships are the same. Some say that they are tailored to the couples involved. Therefore they are shaped by the decisions the couples make on a day to day basis. And of course, we all know that people’s choices and actions tend to favor their zodiac sign.

So, it is essential to understand the zodiac sign of your would-be partner to know why and how she makes decisions in the relationship. Believe me; it will save you a lot of stress in the future while guaranteeing you a happy relationship. Here is a rank of girlfriends according to their zodiac sign. Bear with me; this is one list that starts from the worst to the best.



Dating a Scorpio isn’t going to be a rosy journey. Now not in some nasty way but you will have to come to terms with the fact that she tells it as it is. She speaks the truth – only. Okay, she may be a little harsh here and there, but that is because she doesn’t know how to sugarcoat issues or dance around the truth. Yes, she will be straightforward like that.

It will take you a while to get numb to her scalding tongue. You will also note of a uniquely strong passion. Scorpios will love you hard but will also take all mistakes to heart. Her trust and respect are not one to toy around with. Shatter both with some careless art, and she will pretty much be over you.


The Virgo girl is very self-conscious about her relationship with you. She is one to put all her energy into the building of your relationship together. And although she does all of that, she sometimes manages to feel like she is not doing enough for you. Meanwhile, you are okay with the relationship. In fact, you take her harsh criticism of herself very strange. And on multiple occasions, you will have to go out of your way to make her know that she is okay the way she is.

Now, this leads us to the dark side of dating a Virgo girl. Because she perceives herself as not good enough, she would get jealous quite easily. She will always be insecure about her relationship with you when she sees you with some of your colleagues. So you will always walk on eggshells every time it comes to situations like the one mentioned above. You have to explain and assure them of your unwavering love for her and your commitment to your relationship.


When you decide to go with an Aries girlfriend, then you may be taken aback by the way she speedy makes life-changing decisions. It could feel like she is always impulsive and that your life seems to be in a rush but the March or April baby is only acting our her personality. She is the type to move from the honeymoon moments of falling in love to putting nuptial pressure on you.

This tendency to waste little or no time before making decisions or taking actions can serve you both when it comes to opportunity-wasting procrastination, but it could also deal you a bad hand in life when you enter into things without fully understanding the pros and cons of your actions.

With the Aries girl in your life, you will also feel that you are no longer in control of your life and relationship. It’s because she also has a domineering personality. She will be happy if she mostly gets her way. Now if you are the type not too happy then make huge changes in your life and personal space for someone, then I would advise you stay far away from the Aries woman. You will be in a constant clash of territory and personal space. Save yourself the stress.


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The tender nature of the Taurus will not immediately reveal itself to you. That’s because she is the hesitant lover. She runs from what attracts her so your interaction with her will feel and look weird. She will not eagerly enter a relationship with you and will try to avoid you. It is because she is one who is comfortable being with herself. She does value free will and freedom, and she knows that some of that good stuff gets lost when she does enter a relationship with you.

She does not feel the need to connect with someone on the sole basis of boosting her self-image and someone with that type of self confidence in herself. She doesn’t need anyone to fill up any insecurities at all. If she notices that she has a thing for you, she may decide to avoid you. She will study you a little longer to see if she will be able to stick with you. Hence the little resistance and hesitance in the first place. But then when she is satisfied with what she sees then she will be all into you.

Then you will begin to see her loving and caring nature. You will also realize that she is someone with long-suffering. She will not get annoyed, but that would not be a gift to abuse. Its because she is one not to quickly forget and also knowing that she values her freedom and peace of mind, it is not hard to see why she never looks back when she is fed up and leaves you. So it is essential to take your relationship with her seriously.

The girl whose zodiac sign is the crab is one woman to have if all you want is a warm and cozy woman. She is a woman that loves to nurture as this is a manifestation of the emotional characteristics of cancers. She is homely and is at her happiest when she is in and around taking good care of you. She is a passionate lover and one who loves to love. She is also one who demands equal zest when you reciprocate her tender affection towards you.

And when she senses that you are not doing right by her, that could be a real problem. But don’t worry, she is not the type to resort to passive-aggressive tactics. She doesn’t hide her feelings, so expect a passionate expression of disappointment when she is not happy with you. Being in touch with her emotions as all water signs are, you would expect that her lows will be low. It’s a dark side that is the yin to the yang of her incredible highs in the relationship.

Her all to regular spells of depression and anxiety can be unbearable at times. The quiet and brooding moments will be the least annoying to you – especially if you are the type who loves to be out and about. She could get into ??ghts over the most trivial of things, and if you don’t understand where she is coming from, you might end up labeling her crazy. At these dark times, for the most part, you would walk on eggshells. But it is wise to remember that as her mood swings with the rhythm of the sea’s tide, she needs you close by her side.

That is the painful price you have to pay for her trust because she is one to trust anyone hardly. Being withdrawn by nature – just as the crab is, only but a few people will be let into her space. If you are an extrovert, I would advise you not to date her, and this is because a lot of your core values and natural tendencies will clash turning a peaceful relationship into smoke and sour.

The Virgo sign of the bold lion says it all when it comes to the Leo girlfriend. She is courageous and ambitious. You will get to taste this side of her when it comes to your sex life. An adventurer pure and true, she will explore and expand the fringes of pleasure your body can handle. Now, don’t get to carried away by all that good stuff as she will expect same from you. You have to be up to the task. And that my friend, is not always an easy one to accomplish – at least not all the time.

So it won’t be uncommon to find you’re perpetually chasing an image of what she wants you to be. Trying to fill the desire to have her Prince Charming without chink. However, you will have to realize that with her being a strong personality, she’s drawn to her likes. So she wants you to respect all the qualities and values she respects. And when she does love and respect you, then you can sleep soundly knowing that you have got a gem for keeps.

She is one of the most loyal of the zodiac signs. She will stand by you to the very end. When she’s assured of her love for you, then she will give you her all. But before you get there it is never going to be an easy journey. If you don’t meet up to her standards, then you better be ready for infrequent nights. She won’t put up with sluggishness and unambitious men. So if this sounds like you, then you may want to pitch tent elsewhere.

Top Six Left Of The Best Girlfriend Zodiac Sign – Are You One Of Them?


The boss lady is one woman that can be quite a handful for you if you don’t take a considerable amount of time to understand her. If she falls for you, she will go with the ??ow for as long as she retains her individuality. She doesn’t joke with that at all. In fact, if she slightly senses that her freedom is on the verge of being threatened, she will back out immediately. Hence she doesn’t respond to some expectations as she labels them unnecessary or flimsy.

It could be very confusing to a lot of people, therefore, leading to a lot of misunderstanding of who she is as a person. But all that cloudiness dissolves under your persistent effort to get to know her on a personal basis. You will get to see her for who she is and her real motives behind her decisions and actions. Of course, it isn’t as easy as it sounds but at the end, the fantastic relationship you have with her is going to be worth the work. If you genuinely love her, then you may have to wait out the period of adjusting.

With a zodiac sign of twins, the Gemini woman is one with double personalities. One is synonymous to roses while the other thorns. Now, to the sunshine personality. It is the part of her that will attract you to her. The smiles and the charm are hard to ignore. But if she reciprocates whatever moves you must have made at her, then very quickly you will be introduced to the dark personality.

One that is pretty hard to endure. You will get to see the struggles for what it is if you can be patient.
But be warned if they don’t feel right in a relationship with you, they will be gone before you know it.
They crave excitement and the spontaneity that creates it. They are not about that the stable life, she wants and desires the fast lane with its addictive adrenaline rush.

So don’t expect her to be faithful, she will ride only with her freedom. And if she senses that you are not in support of her being herself, then that could lead to an insincere relationship. She will begin to lie about the way she feels about specific issues in the relationship and what not. And ultimately that would be the downfall of such a relationship. Now, and advice for you. If you cherish stability and predictability in your life, maybe you should find someone else. It is not the lady got you.

If your girl is the zodiac air sign Libra, then you are in for some juicy justice… just kidding. But this is a
well-known fact that Libras are people who believe that people should be treated equally and with respect. They are not ones to thrive on conflict. They would instead hold a grudge that goes through
a verbal confrontation with the ones they love. Now, this comes with its disadvantages.

With quietness in the relationship comes festering of unaddressed issues. So it is essential that you go out of your way to create an environment that allows her to express herself freely. Now mind you, this is
not some one-time activity. It has to the ongoing thing. With time she will feel comfortable to trash out issues that border her with you.

Also, due to her outgoing nature, the Libra will attract a lot of people. Now if you know that you get
jealous quickly, then I would advise that you leave such a lady alone. To understand her outgoing nature, you have to realize that Libras dread being alone. They crave companionship, and therefore it is crucial that you provide her with that in a relationship.

And while having quality time with your Libra girlfriend, you will find out that she has a keen mind. She
is drawn to mentally stimulating books that push the boundaries of understanding and innovation. She will also be interested and even passionate about the injustices going on in the world. Don’t get taken aback, and it is just an expression of their natural traits.

If you want a girl of the tenth zodiac sign, then you will get one determined and ambitious lady. The
Capricorn lady will go into a relationship with you, wanting it to be one in a million. Mediocrity disgusts
her and so does laziness too. She will demand the very best from you as often as possible.

Now, this may make you feel drained at times but don’t be worried as she does what she says. She won’t have any problem doing whatever it takes to get the relationship to match what her dream relationship
looks like. At times, that could make her come off as being domineering. But remember that this is only a manifestation of her Capricorn traits. She is a winner who is never full with the challenges life throws at here.

She is the type of lady that comfortably plays the male role in the relationship, and hence you shouldn’t be insecure about her efforts at tackling issues in the relationship. It is also important to note that she is also a ride to die, who is very territorial and protective of the ones she loves. Hence, she won’t back down from any external threat to the peace and safety of loved one. She will also not cheat and won’t quit. Instead, she will resort to taking a failing relationship as one of the lives many challenges waiting to be conquered. When in a relationship with her, you will do well to be faithful as well as she won’t take infidelity lightly.

Drum Roll Please! – Down To The Last Two

Do you want a buddy in a girlfriend? Go for the Pisces, and I will explain why. Kicking it off with a
Pisces lady is never going to be an easy task and will sure make shy guys break a sweat. She is not
the very open type and will need a little extra nudge to go out with you. So you better get your
confidence up to par – when it comes to this task. But when you get over this hurdle, that trait could work for you. There quite conservative and reserved nature could be a fortress for your secrets.

And you could sleep soundly knowing that your secrets are safe with her. You will quickly learn that she is one woman who can be trustworthy. You will get to be yourself around her and thus be great friends with her. And of course, I don’t have to tell you how that can immensely benefit your relationship.

Another trait of hers is the ability to sacri??ce quite a lot for the betterment of your relationship with
her. It is vital that you don’t take that likely at all. In fact, you should be observant enough to realize
that ??sh girl is one who is genuinely in touch with her emotions – as with every zodiac sign that has to
do with water. Cater to her emotional needs, and you will reap the fruits of your labor in loyalty and stability of your relationship together.

You want to light up your life and relationship? Go for the zodiac sign of ??re – Sagittarius. The
Sagittarius girlfriend is one to have. She comes to a relationship with such passion that its unmatched
across all the other zodiac signs. Couple with this unique love for living she is a dedicated lover in a
relationship. In fact, she could be guilty of giving too much with left for her exhausted self.

An angel who doesn’t even recognize her beautiful star, she can be unreasonably critical of herself.
She never feels like she is doing enough and that could burn her at both ends. It is crucial that you be
cautious in your approach to let her see value in herself. For if you criticize her for looking out for so
many other people and not herself, she will end up feeling even worse for herself.

Now, this could lead her to be insecure about herself and relationship, thereby leading to suspicion when you are around female colleagues. You have to assure her that you are as committed to the relationship as she is. And you have to mean it. It would be nice to know who you will choose among these and why. And if you are already in a relationship, how are you going to take the above information to better your relationship? I would love to know!

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