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2023 Update For Block Yourself From Analytics

Okay, Here’s a Quick Update Of Block Yourself From Analytics, We Just Did an Update to Our Analytics, Because of The New Google GA4 Update to Analytics. We Tested Our Site, Yes, This Site Your Are On Right Now with The New GA4 Code. We Tested Using Tag Manager, Within Tag Manager You Can Test to See If The Code Is Firing Correctly.

Make Sure You Have the Tag Manager Extension on Your Browser, Then Once You Login To Your Analytics Account You Can Access GTM (Google Tag Manager) From Within Your Analytics. Once We’re In GTM Click The Preview Button, GTM Will Walk You Through What To Do Next.

Sorry Guys and Gals, This Is Just A Quick Update To Let You That Block Yourself Is Still Working and Worth It. Sorry For No Images or a Full Walk Through of What It Looks Like But, Here’s a Great Video On How To Setup GA4 with GTM. Thanks For Stopping By. Tutorial On Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Thanks to Analytics Mania for This Great Video, Enjoy.


Block Yourself From Analytics: The Beginning

Here’s a fast and easy way to Block Yourself from Google Analytics – I did it the long way by going through Google’s analytics platform itself which is the hard and long way – so here is the quick and easy way.

A lot of e-commerce marketers and bloggers alike want to know how to stop analytics from tracking their website visits? When you have to do work on your website or create content, write articles and check to make sure your changes to your site are correct with all this going on this can mess up your website numbers, especially if you’re updating your site on a consistent basis.  .

If you’re frustrated like I was trying to go through Google’s analytics website making what they call filters and blocking your IP address, well there’s an app for that, smile.

Okay, so do you want the hard way or the easy way? I would think you want it the easy way. So here it is in less than a five minute fix. But, first I have to give you the 300 to 500 word count article to get this page listed and ranked in Google Search for this keyword “Block Yourself from Analytics Safari”, LOL. I won’t do that to you.

So, here it is. Go to Block Yourself from Analytics in Google Chrome Web Store and add this extension
to your browser it’s a Google Chrome extension and the good thing is it’s also available for most web browsers such as Firefox I also believe it’s available for Safari too, hence the keyword above. Wink, wink.


Block Yourself For Analytics For Firefox, Chrome, And Opera Browsers

Block Yourself from Analytics Chrome

Need the Firefox Extension it’s here

Get the Opera Extension


Block Yourself From Google Analytics Within These Browsers

Now there is an easy way to Block Your Google Analytics within these browsers. Now this works in Firefox, Chrome and Opera and as well as Safari browsers. Okay, Firefox and Chrome browsers this works best with and it’s the easiest to implement it’s easy because you don’t have to go through the Analytics dashboard to set up filters that in it self can be confusing.

The draw back with this extension is that it only works on desktop, laptops Firefox and Chrome browsers. Not sure if it works on tablets but, I assuming if it works on laptops it will work for tablets, there is no mobile extension as of this writing. Sorry for the tangent but, If you’re like I was and have tried using filters then this way is much easier because, all you have to do is add it to your browser and set your site web address that’s it nothing else to do – save and your done.


You need this if you’re trying to stop the skewing of your analytics when you are just checking or adding more content to your site or you have guest bloggers writing for you. So try this it will help to stop these uneven counts of your site analytics, so here’s the link again Block Yourself From Analytics


Block Yourself From Analytics Update


Okay I’ve been using this Chrome extension for both of my browsers in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for about a month now to Block my Analytics tracks from my own web pages and I must say that it is working very well. So add this extension to your browsers and you should have no more problems with Google Analytics skewing up your web site stats.

As long as you add all your site domain names that you are tracking to the extension you should be alright. Just use your main domain name and it should work, you can even wildcard your domain if you need too. this helps if you have multiple sub-domains on that one domain name.

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