Game Of Thrones Final Season

game of thrones final season

Are you ready for Game Of Thrones Final Season? If you’re like everyone else, then your wait is over. Starting April 14, 2019 the return of  Game Of Thrones Season 8 will begin..

Winter Is Here! Unfortunately we have a little bad news, the show will only run six episodes for it’s last season. For those fans that were looking for a longer run, well that will be it.

I must admit that I was some what hesitant on watching this show when it first came out, you know how everyone’s saying this show is bad man, you need to check it out.

Well when I hear people talking like that I tend to not hear them, but one thing that I learned is to try it before dismissing it. I can say that I was wrong and this show turned out to be a hit. I like it – Good job HBO, you guys produced a great piece of TV.

Game Of Thrones Final Season Trailer

got trailer

Game Of Thrones Final Season Trailer  – Video Will Open In New Tab

Now, I like the little sister Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams, that character she plays is so bad. She is a very good actress. What I don’t want them to do is kill her off, you know someone will have to die. What I don’t like, they are always killing off the best characters. What do you guys think about that, am I wrong?

Alright that’s my 2 cents worth. Hope you all enjoy this show this coming Sunday. Remember, there are only six episodes for this final season so I hope they are up to par and well worth it.

Week Two Of The Game Of Thrones Final Season

game of thrones final season Arya

Okay week two has come and gone, what do you think so far? I’m in a toss-up right now. Unsure what to think. There has been a lot of talk about Maisie Williams character Arya Stark sex scene. I don’t care about that, because, I think we’re imposing our point of view of how we see things today – be it right or wrong. These things did happened if you agree or not.

You know what I didn’t like is when Jon Snow bent the knee to Daenerys. I would have had him not pledge allegiance to anyone including Daenerys Targaryen. This week Sunday will start the war episode – so we will see what will happened. So stay tuned.

The Game Of Thrones Final Season Week Three


Alright week three guys have come and gone, what do you think? First let me say that the scene where the witch – Melisandre played by Carice van Houten when she was trying to start the fire for the pit. That scene was very good, she really seem like she was scared.

Now down to what everyone is talking about Arya killing the Night King. Well, it could’ve happened to a nicer guy, right? I have to tell you though, that Night King was one bad boy.

I’m glad he got his. Now we have to get that witch Cersei – I can’t say what I really want too. I hope they cut her head off. I don’t like her from the first time I saw her character. Okay everyone that’s my two cents, enjoy the rest of the Final Season Of  The Game Of Thrones.

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