Would You Wear These Thong Jeans?

thong jeansWhat the f#*%? Have you seen these Thong Jeans? Are they really serious? You won’t believe this these are real jeans being sold for 168.00 dollars. That’s right 168 dollars. I came across these one day trolling the internet just minding my own business when BAMM! I seen these jeans. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and, guess what? They have a waiting list for people to buy them.

Now, is it me or would you buy these jeans? These jeans were first debuted at Tokyo Fashion Week in October 2017 by designer Thibaut. Now the LA-based brand Carmar Denim created their own thong jeans knockoff and they’re already sold-out of these so called thong jeans.

Now I can not believe that people are wearing these jeans or not so much jeans. If you’re wearing these pants, where do you wear them to? I don’t know are we the people that caught up in trends to buy these jeans what does it say about us. These deconstructed jeans are just like the pet rock – for those of you who do not know what the pet rock was is – it was a seventies fad like the mood ring.

Deconstructed Thong Jeans – Would You Buy These?

thong jeans

Here are some more pics of these jeans I ask again where would you wear these jeans? Are they appropriate for any occasion at all?  Here are some outings that they put them in to make them look like a viable place you can wear these.

fashion thong jeans  popular thong jeans











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